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Occupational Risk Management 

Margaria Cleaning Group will take all practicable steps to protect the safety and health of its employees while undertaking their duties of employment. This commitment extends to contractors who are lawfully engaged to perform work on behalf of this company.

Margaria Cleaning Group recognises:

  • Its responsibilities in relation to all occupational safety and health statutory obligations, incorporating risk management and will provide adequate occupational safety and health information and advice in its work places.
  • Its responsibilities for the maintenance of safety and health standards for all operations, employees and contractors through the provision of appropriate instructions, training supervision and risk management plans.
  • Its responsibilities to provide resources for occupational safety and health and will provide a mechanism of consultation with all parties on occupational safety and health issues and priority for resource allocation based on recognised risk management process.
  • Its responsibilities to promote safe systems of work and recognises its duty of care under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 and Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 1981.  Margaria Cleaning Group equally expects that employees will take reasonable care to ensure their own safety at work and not adversely affect the safety and health of any other person.

Occupational Risk Management Risk Policy

It is our objective to identify and assess the risks and identifying options and plans for reducing the risks.

The plan is to be an ongoing process, which incorporates continuous risk and hazard assessments, recognising the need for providing a high quality service to our clients.

  • Existing methods for managing risks include:
  • Continual training processes.
  • Routine checklists and staff duties.
  • Reviews and Audits.
  • Maintenance programs.
  • Safety policies, training and procedures.
  • Emergency plans and equipment.

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