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MCG - Commerical and Industrial Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning Services

Our use of high pressure cleaning equipment enables us to expertly remove stains and dirt form a variety of surfaces.


Pavement cleaning can ensure protection of your new pavement or restoration of your old paving. We clean tiling and grout in domestic or commercial properties that is dirty due to general traffic wear and spillages. High pressure cleaning can be used on warehouse floors, car parks, walls, roofs and even multi storey buildings.


MCG also provide high pressure cleaning to commercial properties for the removal of graffiti and gum from a variety of surfaces. Our system recycles the water ensuring that waste water is not detrimental to the environment. We can also attend to the scene of a spill, containing it, cleaning it and then disposing of waste.

MCG - Margaria Cleaning Group, Servicing the Perth Metro Area

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