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MCG - Commerical and Industrial Cleaning

Vinyl Floor and Hard Floor Cleaning

Proper care, cleaning and maintenance keeps your floors looking shiny and clean. When your floor begins to look worn MCG can offer regular vinyl and hard floor maintenance. If your hard flooring has become worn and torn we can strip the old sealer, and re seal and polish to bring your floor back looking good as new.


Using commercial grade strippers and sealers we can give your floors durability, and reduce marks and scratches leaving floors with a superior glossy “wet look” non slip finish.


MCG offers customers flexible services and will always work to suit your needs, which includes working evenings and weekends.

Floor Restoration Services

MCG’s floor restoration process utilizes the best available in sealers and floor dressings to protect and enhance the floor surface. We can deep strip, resurface and restore all your hard floors including vinyl, linoleum, marble and terrazzo.

We understand that surfaces over time age and require more care to maintain their natural look. With our professional expertise we can restore your floor to its former beauty.

We provide our services to shopping complexes, arcades, businesses, homes, community centers, high rise buildings, corporate offices, bathrooms, schools, universities, colleges, sports centers, auditoriums and more.

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