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About Margaria Cleaning Group

Margaria Cleaning Group has been operating in the Perth metropolitan area for over 50 years.  Being a privately owned Family Business you can be assured of receiving a personalized quality service and know when you pick up the phone you can speak to a dedicated Manager that understands your needs.

It is our philosophy that by providing a high standard of service and building close working relationships with our customers is the key to our success.  This can be attested to by the majority of new work being attained through word of mouth.  It is also our belief that our on site staff are integral to our success and pride ourselves on staff selection.  Currently with in excess of 350 staff, 6 Full time Area Managers’, Contracts and Operations Manager we have the resources to service larger contracts but still small enough to provide efficient follow up service to the needs of our individual clients.

Currently we service multi storey Office Buildings in excess of 30,000 square metres, Shopping Centres, Schools, Hotels, Industrial Premises, Aged Care and Health Care Facilities to name a few.

Every contract has a dedicated Area Manager that will call on a regular basis to ensure a high standard of service is being provided.  Regular quality inspections are carried out to suit the Clients needs.  Supporting the Area Managers’ are our Contracts Manager and Operations Managers’ who are in constant contact throughout the working day assisting with advice, such as staffing issues, training, client requests, quotations and anything that may arise.

Staff are recruited either through word of mouth, the local paper or over the internet.

Initially staff are gauged for suitability over the phone by answering a detailed questionnaire.  If deemed to be suitable then a formal interview is organized at our Head Office in Balcatta.  It is here where successful applicants are taken through a thorough induction where Police Clearances and identification photos are obtained.  Staff are taken through a training matrix and assessed as to areas where additional training may be required.  The Area Manager or on site Leading Hand will then work along side all new Employees on site to ensure that they are fully aware of the areas they are responsible for, that they are using the correct techniques and are aware of  emergency procedures.

Our Specialist Service Division carry out periodical works such as floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, flood restoration, high pressure steam cleaning, vacate cleans, bulk rubbish removal and any work not part of the regular cleaning schedule.  The Specialist Services Division is also used for relieving when required but in the majority of cases Area Managers’ are able to organize relieving Staff internally.

Communication books are placed at the reception of each tenancy and checked nightly by the leading hand prior to the start of each shift, so items that need to be addressed are promptly rectified and once complete the correspondence is initialed to advise it has been correctly actioned.

Margaria Cleaning will provide a Site Specific Risk Management Manual which will be used in managing the risks associated with providing cleaning services to the customer. The manual will identify where possible risks could occur and how these could be alleviated.

Margaria Cleaning have the know how, dedication and infrastructure to provide  a high level of ongoing service second to none.


MCG - Margaria Cleaning Group, Servicing the Perth Metro Area

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About Margaria Cleaning Group

Margaria Cleaning Group currently employs approximately 350 staff in the Perth metropolitan area... Read More

"The cleaning staff is always well presented, polite and completely trustworthy. Attributes that are very important in a school such as ours." - St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls